Direct-to-consumer brands are the most talked about entities in apparel–and not just by their legions of consumer fans. These companies have industry insiders' attention too. And it's no wonder. In some ways, these upstart businesses are the ray of light in an otherwise stormy retail landscape. With new virtual (and physical doors) opening every day, they're a nice counterpart to the 6,500 boxes that have gone dark throughout early May 2019–a number that even outpaces the 5,800-plus that shuttered in 2018.

Those vacant boxes stand as testaments to the need for change.

Sourcing Journal's report, The DTC Takeover examines the ways in which digital natives are changing every facet of the industry–and the pace at which they're doing so.

Download the report to understand:

  • How data is helping this sector defy the malaise still hampering retail
  • The updates factories must consider to get in on the growing trend
  • Why they're better able to tap into what consumers really want
  • The impact of the direct-to-consumer model on everything from inventory management to logistics
  • The ways in which DTC founders are finding their footing in the apparel industry
  • What investors love about the segment–and where they're placing their bets
  • Why shopping these brands offers consumers a more authentic experience
  • The digital natives that are most likely to become the next household names

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