Today's consumer is spoiled for choice and catered to with every convenience. And the retailers that are most likely to win them over are those that continue to innovate to offer services that make shopping fun, affordable and easy.

The "Consumers, Checkout & Creating Experiences That Resonate" report is an up-to-the-minute snapshot of how checkout is evolving to meet shoppers' demands. Produced on behalf of payment services company Klarna, the report highlights:

  • the opportunities for stores that offer friction-free shopping
  • the ways in which retailers can overcome legacy software and thinking to leapfrog ahead
  • the consumer habits central to understanding the direction retail is headed

Get the report to learn:

  • the adoption rates of mobile wallets, both domestically and globally
  • how shoppers' needs vary by demographics
  • what consumers like about shopping—online and off
  • the technology that's transforming in-store experiences
  • the psychology of shopping and how to harness it

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