With the onset of the pandemic came a renewed realization that the industry has a communication problem. That fact is especially acute for fashion firms that have yet to digitize their operations. Every handoff—from brand to factory, sketch to pattern, digital to physical—introduces the opportunity for problems.

That's one of the myriad issues CLO Virtual Fashion is designed to resolve, bringing efficiency to overstretched and over-stressed operations.

"Here with CLO, and 3D in general, we try to convey that 3D is actually the language that can be spoken globally across the supply chain," said Ryan Teng, CLO's vice president of business Development for the Americas. "There's no longer miscommunication when your 3D file is a visual accurate representation of your pattern, your correct print placement, your scale of graphics, all those different things, but houses everything necessary to convey a concept accurately."

By streamlining the whole process, 3D allows for shorter development timelines and the ability to create virtual products that can be used to test products before they're actually produced. And virtual samples translate into less waste, which only serves to bolster sustainability mandates.

Watch the discussion between Teng and Edward Hertzman, president of Sourcing Journal, to learn how CLO Virtual Fashion can:

  • Improve brand-supplier communication
  • Help bridge the product development skills gap
  • Enable companies to move forward with sustainability goals
  • Aid in making the switch from a supply chain to a demand chain
  • Insulate companies from unforeseen risk

CLO creates cutting-edge 3D garment visualization technologies that cultivate a more creative and sustainable landscape for apparel industries. Additional information about CLO is available at www.clo3d.com and you can stay updated about all things CLO on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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