With new factories come new challenges—and new opportunities.

When EP Group put forth its 100 Day Project—in which it set out to improve 1,000 things in 100 days—the company knew that one of its recently opened factories in Indonesia held great potential. The company saw an opportunity to pilot a new program that would standardize LEAN Production and develop an efficient foundation capable of being replicated for other production lines.

As a supplier of athletic footwear for Adidas, EP Group's PBB factory faced many of the challenges that are common with new factories, such as the difficulties of merging leadership, inconsistency in management styles and unclear goals. To maximize the potential of its employees, EP Group enlisted the guidance of Impactiva and its Factory Process Optimization service.

Thanks to the strategies Impactiva helped implement, the affected lines in PBB increased their output by 33%.

Download the Process Optimization Transformation whitepaper to learn how they did it.

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